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US Girl fight in Europe for PRO-AM World title vs. Austrian Girl

Erstellt von WKF head office am Dienstag 18. Oktober 2016


Colby FLETCHER, Thunder Boxing Gym


Deshire KURTAJ, Octagon pro Gym

WKF EUROPE and WKF USA head office confirm the interest of a promoter in Vienna, Austria, to invite Colby FLETCHER representing famous  “Thunder Boxing Gym”  in Muskogee in Oklahoma for a WKF PRO-AM World title in December.

Promoter www.knock-out.at is already in negotiations with her manager Ty PILGRIM. He is running the Gym and head coach as well as manager of many Champions.

Austrian Deshire KURTAJ is current Intercontinental Champion and one of best female Champions in Europe. The title fight is scheduled in Lightweight – 125 lbs / – 57 Kg.

Perhaps any South american promoter want to organise a challenge vs. a local girl ???