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Big event in Europe – Night of Glory 13th in Vienna

Erstellt von WKF head office am Montag 27. März 2017

World Champion Jose L. SANCHEZ, Alicante, Spain

WKF EUROPE head office confirm our new WKF World champion.

Spanish superstar and few times World Champion Jose Louis SANCHEZ from Gym Troya in Alicante fought vs. Serbian Sanda expert Ferenc KORMANJOS for the WKF world title in Lowkick in Featherweight -58,20 Kg / 128 lbs .

World Champion Deshire KURTAJ, Vienna, Austria

13th Night of Glory in Vienna, Austria, was the venue, and in fifth round “Nepo” won again his World title by knock-out.

New WKF World champion Sanchez.

Second main fight was for the GBF ladies World title in K-1  -57Kg/125 lbs.

Austrian now three times world champion Deshire KURTAJ from Octagon pro Gym won clear by points vs. Columbian girl Katherine QUINTANA.

Her management is now waiting for a WKF title fight match in Latin America, If there is any girl ready in this weight, contact Octagon pro Gym by mail