Int. Romanian open in Rucar, Arges County, open for all teams, countries and federations, promoter Mr. Florin MNA and WKF EUROPE 19.07. - 20.07.2024rou
RUMBLE IN THE VERDUNGE 19, promoter WKF CANADA 20.07.2024can
WKF National Teamtraining in Pamhagen, promoter WKF AUSTRIA 27.07.2024aut
Fight time Championships 5, promoter WKf CANADA 03.08.2024can
WKF National Teamtraining in Vienna, promoter WKF AUSTRIA 10.08.2024aut
WKF National Teamtraining in Wels, promoter WKF AUSTRIA 24.08.2024aut
UNITE 03, MMA/MUAY THAI/K-1, promoter WKF DENMARK 07.09.2024den
MTA event, Austrian title fight, Linz, promoter David KECLIK and WKF AUSTRIA 07.09.2024aut
Int. Gala with BOXING and BARE KNUCKLE fights, Korneuburg, promoter WKF LV. NÖ. 13.09.2024aut
Upcoming fighters MMA/Muay Thai, promoter WKF DENMARK 21.09.2024den
Empire fight league 2, promoter WKF CANADA 22.09.2024can
Soireé K-1 Silvertooth, promoter WKF CANADA 28.09.2024can
International event in Chisinau „Legendele Moldove" , promoter WKF MOLDOVA and WKF EUROPE 03.10. - 06.10.2024mda
Fight time Championships 6, promoter WKf CANADA 05.10.2024can
Anniversary 60 years of WKF -World Championships 2024,Marina Dor, all disciplines, promoter WKF SPAIN Mr. Juan PINILLA and WKF head office 18.11. - 22.11.2024esp
Soireé K-1 á L`olympia, promoter WKF CANADA 23.11.2024can
UNITE 04, MMA/MUAY THAI/K-1, promoter WKF DENMARK 30.11.2024den
Empire fight league 3, promoter WKF CANADA 08.12.2024can
Upcoming fighters MMA/Muay Thai, promoter WKF DENMARK 14.12.2024den
Neulings Cup in Eichgraben, promoter WKF LV. NÖ. Florian BARTL 14.12.2024aut
European Championships 2025, all disciplines, Poland, Albania or Armenia, promoter WKF EUROPE head office 01.01.2025eur
WKF Open World Cup, all disciplines, Innsbruck, promoter Gerhard CORRADINI and WKF AUSTRIA with WKF EUROPE 01.01.2025aut
12th World Games in 2025, “World Games City • Infinite Chengdu” , promter Sifu YAN DINAN and WKF CHINA 01.01.2025chn
International PRO event in Mikolow, promoter WKF POLAND and WKF EUROPE 15.03.2025pol
WKF Referee Seminar OST -Illmitz, promoter Thomas ZSALACS und WKF LV. BURGENLAND 12.04. - 13.04.2025aut
WKF Referee Seminar WEST - Innsbruck, promoter Gerhard CORRADINI und WKF LV. tIROL 12.04. - 13.04.2025aut
World Championships 2026, Cartagena, all disciplines, promoter WKF COLOMBIA and WKF head office 01.01.2026col
European Championships 2027, Yerevan, Bratislava or Brno, all disciplines, promoter WKF EUROPE head office and ... 01.01.2027eur
World Championships 2028, Cologne, all disciplines, promoter WKF GERMANY and WKF head office 01.01.2028ger
European Championships 2029, all disciplines, promoter WKF EUROPE head office and ... 01.01.2029eur
World Championships 2030, all disciplines, promoter WKF head office and ... 01.01.2030wkf